Back behind the camera


Hello, I’m back!  I’ve really enjoyed my time with my gorgeous baby girl Grace (there is a pic at the bottom of the newsletter – I couldn’t resist!) and I’m now looking forward to getting back behind the camera all refreshed and inspired.  I’ll be available for shoots Wednesdays through to Sunday and I’m also available to talk to on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I’m very excited to launch my new website, please go and have a look.  We have been working on it for over a year and I hope you agree that it’s a big improvement on my old site.  I really hope you like it.  Thank you so much for those who contributed such kind words for my testimonials.

I’ve also got a new logo to freshen things up (courtesy of Kim Hackett) and lots of brand new kit.  My fancy new camera and lens will be ensuring every pixel is perfect!

Jumping way back to last January now and I had the pleasure of photographing Helen Flanagan and her mum Julia for a mothers day special for S Magazine.  I can’t believe Mothers day is nearly upon us again!

A shoot now for BBC Radio Lincolnshire to illustrate their play ‘Dambusters 70: After me, the flood’.  Having a Lancaster bomber for a prop is definitely my idea of fun!  ‘Left a bit, right a bit….what power!”
Some colourful head shots now for ‘Prospect‘ – a Management consultancy based in Manchester.   A great company to work for.
Natalie, photographed for Femail, gave birth to baby Zanthia at home with the help of her midwife and husband.  However she also invited her 5 children to watch, plus her neighbours, plus a TV crew filming ‘Nursing the Nation’!  She wants to reassure prospective mums-to-be that home births are nothing to be scared of.  I must have subconsciously decided to be one of Natalie’s followers as when Grace was (rather surprisingly!) born at home, I managed to squeeze a husband, 2 grandparents, 3 ambulance men and a midwife into our small bathroom.  I drew the line at a film crew though.
Howard, founder of ‘Rayburn Trading’ balanced magnificently on eight palettes so that I could get just the right angle for a corporate shoot for Business Agenda magazine.  It is certainly a challenge trying to make a warehouse full of plastic clad products look interesting.  At least Howard is interesting!
This is a man who certainly knows his buns!  Asda ‘s Bakery Specialist Mark Oliver was a pleasure to photograph and now, after photographing every part of the process, I too am a hot cross bun expert!

For Woman’s Own,I photographed Sarah, who is a reformed alcoholic.  Not only has she turned her own life around she now helps other women conquer their addiction and runs the Harrogate Sanctuary.  A very inspiring lady.
And not forgetting my little angel. She’s what my friend terms ‘an easy beamer!’

Bye for now.