Have a Fairy Merry Christmas

Having turned her nursery into a mini studio, dragged in half a tree from the garden and sprinkled fairy dust everywhere I waited impatiently for my daughter to fall asleep in her cot.  I very carefully lifted her out and put her into position on the floor, removed her sleeping bag to reveal an amazing fairy ra-ra skirt, climbed to the top of the ladders, only to discover she was looking at me with a bewildered expression which very quickly turned sour.  After half an hour of settling her back to sleep I started the game all over again. Finding herself awake and on top of a Christmas tree for the second time, she was very unimpressed and screamed the place down.  Two hours later I decided it was worth one more try and was rewarded with the above shot. No ra-ra skirt but you can’t have everything!


Have a Happy Christmas from Claire Wood Photography





close up