Spring Fashion Shoot

[ss_third_quarter]A lovely day shooting Stephanie Smith’s fashion collection in Formby.
A wonderful model, great weather and a picnic thrown in. What more could I ask for![/ss_third_quarter] [ss_one_quarter_end]Stephanie Smith[/ss_one_quarter_end]view the gallery

Homeless in Halifax

[ss_third_quarter]This project was commissioned by David Fawcett, chairman of “Halifax Food and Support Drop In”. We worked together to create a body of work to exhibit at Dean Clough Gallery to co-incide with National Homeless Week, the aim being to raise awareness of the homeless problem in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Many were photographed where they used to sleep rough.[/ss_third_quarter] [ss_one_quarter_end]Homeless in Halifax[/ss_one_quarter_end]view the gallery