First Lad’s Mag commission

Six Page FHM spread

Yesterday evening my husband came home waving a copy of FHM at me – ‘your in’ he tells me excitedly! (my pictures he means – not me (obviously – ha ha..)). I do wonder if he may have ulterior motives to purchasing the mag for me, as he’s never before been so enthusiastic about seeing my pics in the Women’s magazines.. hmmm

FHM 1In January I was offered my first ever Lad’s mag commission and asked how I felt about going to a night club in Hull until 3 am to photograph their writer Ben Arnold trying his hand at dj-ing. Why not? – could be fun – I readily excepted.  Tanked up on caffine to keep me going I also photographed Radio 1’s Danny Howard and DJ Philip George (aka ‘wish you were mine’.)  The working conditions were somewhat difficult – nobody could hear me, it was really dark to try and focus the camera and it was packed, however it was really good fun and very interesting to see behind the scenes.

Looking at the magazine I’m thrilled to see the story is over six pages so you really get a flavour of the night.