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Happy New Year



Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a lovely Christmas break.  Here’s my newsletter that jumps back to this time last year (I promise to catch up a bit at some point this year!).  Mandy Appleyard (writer) and I went ‘behind the scenes’ at Bettys in Harrogate for Candis magazine.  We both loved this job because we were so well looked after by Laura from Betty’s and because we were treated to chocolates and cakes! (more…)

Summertime News

I met Tom and Nicola to photograph them for a You magazine feature.  Their lives were turned upside down 17 years ago when Tom contracted sepsis and had to have all of his limbs amputated in order to survive.  I arrived a little early, knocked on the door and I have to admit I was surprised that it was Tom who walked up and opened the door and showed me into the kitchen.  There’s nothing better than having your expectations challenged.  The article co-incided with the launch of the film ‘Starfish’ which tells their amazing and moving story. Sepsis symptoms.  Starfish trailer.  (more…)

May Newsletter


Naturists, Cats & Corrie




Hello and welcome to my May newsletter where we jump back to early last year. We start with the gorgeous Brooke Vincent, long time Coronation street actress, photographed in Manchester for S Magazine’s ‘In the closet’. We had a great team led by Tricia Bland, make up by Nealey Leah and I was assisted by Karolina. Brooke was great to work with and I really like the ‘white portraits’. View more of my famous faces here.  


Back to the 80’s

Stacie Stewart & Tina Malone

I’ve been driving a ‘hire’ car this week whilst my own is being fixed. It’s a 15 year old 4 x 4 and everything is so much more straightforward – hardly any fancy buttons so I actually know what everything does – plus it’s got a tape deck! Out came Yazz, Wet Wet Wet , Bananarama… I’m having so much fun and feeling about 20 years younger!

So I arrived in Sunderland (to the sound of ‘Blame it on the boogie’) to photograph Stacie Stewart, celebrity chef, for an editorial photoshoot. Stacie was lovely and got stuck in, putting the Christmas tree up (Christmas themed shoot). Stacie has done lots of TV work so was very easy to photograph and also has wonderful style. Stacie offered me some of her Beef Jerky – no thanks Stacie – I’m a veggie and even if I wasn’t I think I’d pretend to be – ughh… and I had been hoping for cake 🙁

Later in the week I was over in Liverpool with actress Tina Malone for another magazine shoot. Tina was really good fun and her daughter Flame was adorable. I worked with a great team – make up artist & stylist, Tally Bookbinder and the picture editor, which was a really nice treat.

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