Welcome to Claire Wood Photography

Claire Wood is a professional photographer with over twelve years experience specialising in photographing people. Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Claire works on location, across the North of England and has strong ties to Manchester, Leeds and London.

Editorial Portraiture:

Claire works closely with picture editors of national magazines to shoot celebrity fashion features and portraits, features and real life stories. Working on location, with portable professional lighting and professional make up artists she endeavours to creatively fulfill the brief by seeking out the best locations, relaxing her sitters and bringing fun and enjoyment to every shoot.

Commercial Photography:

When commissioned by design and advertising agencies or when working directly with organisations, Claire takes great care to understand her clients needs so that she can carefully plan to achieve the best results and capture the right ‘feel’. She has undertaken numerous commissions for educational establishments, museums and galleries, stately homes and the television industry. Bringing creativity, enthusiasm, experience and technical knowledge Claire works hard to turn clients ideas into an inspiring visual reality.

Corporate Photography:

Claire is frequently commissioned to shoot the heads of multi national businesses for editorial clients and understands the need to work within time constraints. Forward planning of ideas and locations is key, alongside the ability to quickly react to new circumstances. Claire also works directly, or through design agencies, for small and large businesses, creating imagery for website rebranding, corporate reports, brochures, headshots and newsletters.


It is my job and mission to make your business look its best. This can be achieved through clever lighting or creative use of a location and everything I do is to give you something that adds value to your company. No matter what stage you are at in your growth cycles or bringing a product to market, I work with a wide range of clients from large corporations to SMEs and public sector institutions.

Editorial Photography – Images for magazine articles, online features, front cover, photography for PR marketing campaigns and sales campaigns.

Brochure and Prospectus Photography – Annual reports, sales materials, school and university prospectuses, company IPOs and sales.

Corporate Portraits and Headshots – CEOs, business owners, and teams on location or in the studio.

Property Photography – Commercial and residential developments, completed sites for operators and development portfolios.

Product Photography – In the studio or on location, food photography and conference photography.

Although I am based in Huddersfield, I am able to work wherever you need me to be and wherever your business is based. My inspiration come from challenges presented by clients and working in new situations that I haven’t dealt with before, so whatever your project is, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I have completed commercial photography work in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Salford, London, York, Huddersfield, Halifax, Barnsley, Hull, Cheshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Sheffield, Staffordshire, Warrington, Wirral and countless other places around Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.

Once we have arranged a date for your shoot, we will discuss your project and/or you can provide me with a written brief.

I’ll supply all the photography equipment and studio time as agreed and I’ll work closely with you or your marketing team to deliver the project brief. Alternatively, you can leave me to get on with it with the assurance that I have the knowledge and skills required to complete your shoot.

Following the shoot, I will show you the photographs that I consider the best results for the brief.

Once they’ve been delivered, we will discuss the shots you prefer and I will make any amendments to meet your initial brief as closely as possible. If you have any changes that you’d like to make that weren’t part of the initial brief, there maybe an additional charge.

If, for any reason, you need to cancel your commercial photography session, please let me know as soon as possible. In this case I will work with you to agree an alternative date that works better for you.

However, if you would like to cancel your photo shoot, this needs to be done more than two weeks before the date of the shoot and will result in losing your deposit but incur no further fees. If you cancel a commercial photography shoot between one and two weeks from the agreed shoot date, you will incur a fee of 50% of the booked rate. Finally, if you cancel within a week of the agreed date, you will incur 100% of the agreed upon fee.

You’ll appreciate that as a commercial photographer, the reputation of my work begins and ends with the images I take. That’s why myself and every other professional photography in the country retains the intellectual property rights to their work to protect it.

This is why I own the copyright to all of the work I produce. When you book a commercial photography shoot with me, we will agree an arrangement for the extent that you will be able to reproduce the work I complete for you.

Once you’ve paid me for the commercial photography work I have completed for you (and providing you include credit to Claire Wood Photography each time you use an image), you can use the photographs I have taken for you to the extent that we agree on beforehand. If you find that these licensing agreements are not sufficient, you can get in touch and we can agree new terms.

Yes, I work with a wide range of advertising agencies who need a professional photography to work on a particular brief or project. If you are looking for an experience photographer to work with your agency please contact me to discuss your needs.

Yes, I have worked on countless magazine articles and celebrity photography work accross the country, I love creating interesting photoshoots and ensure that the images are natural looking.

Before quoting for your project it would be great to discuss what you require, the location of the project and anything else that may determine the price for this. As you can imagine no two projects are the same so I price all commercialphotographyy work on an individual basis.

It depends is the honest answer, sometimes I may be booked up weeks in advance, and sometimes I may only have a few days booked in before I am free for a certain period of time. As an experienced commercial photography I work on various projects and locations throughout the UK. If you have a commercial photography project you need to discuss please contact me.

If the worst happens and I am too ill or injured to conduct a commercial photography shoot and I am therefore unable to provide the services we have agreed, I will do my best to arrange for the shoot to go ahead. If I am unable to do so, I will refund all payments I have received and cancel the shoot.

I work across many industries, with corporate and commercial photography clients for their website portraits. I also work closely with publications, ad agencies and commercial clients, as well as doing individually commissioned portraits and headshots. My work has been published in numerous publications, from coporate websites to magazines, newspapers and celebrity photoshoots.

Don't worry! Most people aren't used to being in front of the camera and therefore feel awkward. This is completely normal and unless my clients are professional models or actors, I don't expect them to feel natural in front of a camera. It's my job to make you feel as comfortable as possible! I always take the time to get to know my clients and their needs to figure how to get the right emotion from them that truly show off themselves. I only capture those perfect moments, so there will be no awkward photographs.

It's easy to confuse the two, but the only real difference is the intent. A portrait is a photograph of a person that is used to tell a visual story through creative expression. While a headshot is a photograph taken with a marketing or business goal in mind for the client. Despite the key differences between them, they are both the digital media version of making a first impression on your potential readers or clients and therefore need to be done by someone with a keen creative eye - like me! After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression and it can open or close the door in the split of a second.

Corporate photography portrait sessions usually last a morning. I like to start early, usually at 8am, so we can make the most of the best light of the day. This also ensures that you're wide-awake and raring to go! I’ll stay until lunchtime which gives us plenty of time to get to know each other and work out any unforeseen issues. Finally, it allows us the flexibility to take breaks for snacks and coffee, so it's not all work work work.

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May Newsletter



Welcome to my Spring newsletter which jumps back to this time last year.  My photoshoot for Grazia magazine’s ‘Digital Detox’ feature with artist Bay Backner in Saltaire was one of my favourite jobs.  For a start, I love photographing artists and creatives.  Then to be presented with a beautiful location and to top it all off Bay managed to look amazing in a paint-splattered blue boiler suit!  Thank you to Bay for such a lovely and relaxed shoot. (more…)