AHR – Office Lifestyle Photography

I was commissioned by AHR, architects and building consultants, to help them create photography content for their new website. The photoshoots were planned across many locations such as Leeds, Manchester, Huddersfield, Bristol, and Shrewsbury.

The company has a really good working culture and they wanted to showcase this through the photography. We wanted to capture both the professional and the human side of the work environment. The office lifestyle images showcase the team’s dynamic work ethic and creativity, from team meetings and brainstorming sessions to casual chats over a cup of coffee, moments of relaxation, laughter and team building.

I really enjoyed these shoots, travelling to the different locations and getting everyone involved to build up the bank of images. I haven’t shown them here but we also took time out to shoot portraits of the staff, where I would pick out parts of the building to use as backgrounds or take people outside, to find natural backgrounds.