Here are a few examples from several Asda recruitment photography shoots, through The Mill Group, based in Elland, West Yorkshire. Usually the photoshoots are to create imagery and content to be used across Asda’s recruitment website. Finding the right people to work for you is essential for large supermarkets, so showing happy staff in good working environments can be really useful to illustrate written content and bring it to life. I’m often tag teaming with a videographer on these shoots, staying one step ahead or behind, so that we don’t get in each other’s way. Commercial photoshoots like these take a lot of organising by the Mill Group, deciding what needs to be photographed, getting the right people to the right places and avoiding photographing the general public.

Asda is based in West Yorkshire and is a great company to work with. I love colour so the bright green branding is great to work with. On these Asda recruitment photography shoots, I’m constantly looking for an aesthetic background / situation or location that I can pull people into to tell the story in the right way. I use lights to brighten up dark areas but try to keep it natural looking and I give people lots of direction so that they both feel and look comfortable.