Auto Scout24 – lifestyle office photography

I made another trip abroad to Germany, with SMRS, this time to Munich in the south.  I was there for two days to photograph the people at Auto Scout24.  Auto Scout 24 is the largest pan-European online car market.  SMRS were helping them to create a new approach for their recruitment, starting with new photography and videography content.  Being my second time flying to Germany and renting equipment, it seemed more straight forward and less stressful than last time and I enjoyed it much more.  We were all made very welcome and there was a very international feel to the company with interesting people from all over the world.  I shot both office lifestyle photography and portraits photography.  I concentrated on one key person at a time.  I would firstly photograph them in a reportage / office lifestyle way, interacting and conversing with colleagues.  And then I would tackle the portraits.  I looked for interesting colourful and quirky parts of the building to use as backgrounds.  A lovely well paced shoot with really nice people.
I also got to see a little bit of beautiful Munich from the taxi journeys and was lucky enough to have quite chatty and informative taxi drivers which was a bit like having a mini tour, to and from the airport.