EE – A recruitment campaign.

I had a mini trip around the UK for an EE recruitment photography campaign shoot. With Manchester marketing agency SMRS heading the campaign and working alongside videographers, we visited stores in Manchester, Bristol and London, photographing the staff who work there. The purpose of this commercial photoshoot was to create imagery and content for EE to use for their recruitment purposes on both social media and their website. It was important to capture natural looking shots showing staff enjoying their work at EE and to make sure people’s personalities shone through. Volunteers were found that were keen to take part, noses were powdered and uniforms were checked to make sure everything was just right. I approach these types of photoshoots with a combination of seeking out the right location with a good background, pulling in a good mix of people, lighting the shot and then giving them lots of direction to create a natural looking situation. We had a really great bunch of EE people to work with.