Garic – Industrial people photography

Last December I spent a couple of days with Garic who sell or hire welfare units and equipment to the construction and infrastructure industry.  Wilson Cooke were working on Garic’s new brand and commissioned me to build up a bank of imagery.  This was a difficult one to dress for!  I’d thought we were outside in December for most of the day so I arrived looking like the Michelin man but quickly began dispensing layers of clothing for the office shots and then layering up again for the factory photography.  I was never quite right…  There was a really wide range of activities to cover, from the store to the welding and sandblasting, to wiring out the welfare units. 

It’s always refreshing to do some Industrial photography, people in hard hats and hi vis vests and getting to direct where I want the lorry positioned.  I go into so many different types of industry in my job and I have to try and quickly get up to speed with the way people do things and the way things work in order to make sure I’m photographing it in the right way.  I often start by asking them to show me what they do so I know what it looks like before I begin to start planning how to shoot the situation.  Garic is a lovely company to work with and everyone involved was really helpful.  It was a jam packed couple of days that cheered up December.