HB Projects

I initially received a commission from Jonathan, the marketing manager at HB Projects, to photograph the directors. Upon my first visit to HB Projects’ head office in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Jonathan and I explored the building to determine the ideal area and approach. Opting for a spot with a glass panel and window, we aimed for a modern, clean look. Because HB Projects has several offices all across the country, the photoshoot was booked on a date that they all got together for a meeting in Bradford. Each person had only about ten minutes in front of the camera for their head shot, so everything was carefully set up and planned in advance. It was also the ideal opportunity to squeeze in a few groups shots whilst they were all together.

I was then commissioned to photograph one of their live projects so they could use the images as a case study, but also as general illustrative images for the website. The construction site was in Chesterfield and it was a conversion of a pub into a Co-operative supermarket. I donned my hard hat and safety shoes. Then I got to work photographing the joiners, builders, foreman and surveyors all working hard on the project. It’s great being on a construction site – it’s loud, messy and you have to have your wits about you!

I was booked for another half day at the head office to capture illustrative images for the website. The images needed to work as a letter box shape to suit the website. It’s quite a tricky shape to compose to. I used a little cardboard mask held over the LED screen to ensure each set up works to that crop. I captured layout plans and employees on-site, along with illustrative portraits representing different sectors.

Additionally, I undertook headshot commissions for employees at various sites, requiring travel to Bradford, Edinburgh, and Gatwick. I maintained a consistent style, using soft lighting and an office background, shooting from the waist up.

We wanted a variety of backgrounds, but not too different as they needed to sit well together.