Serenta Homecare

Here are examples from two different commercial photoshoots for the company Serenta. They are a care company owned and run by GPs in Sheffield. On the first shoot, The Engine Room, a strategic brand consultancy in West Yorkshire, asked me to create a body of images to illustrate Serenta care company photography’s ‘Side by Side’ campaign and new website. I worked with Nathan, the Art Director from The Engine Room. We carefully crafted the compositions needed for all aspects of Serenta’s marketing.

The main images had to be shot landscape. They could split into two after receiving a colour treatment in post production. Some of the images also needed to work as a square or portrait shape. Serenta and the Engine Room organised all of the timings and the consent for the shoot. Quite a task! Care was taken to find happy and enthusiastic customers to take part. They were photographed with their usual caregivers. This ensured they had comfortable, familiar relationships and didn’t feel unsettled by the photoshoot. The timings were logistically tricky. We often had to be able to fit in to pre-existing appointments and work around tasks that needed to be done.

The second photoshoot was a summer visit to Serenta Home-care. There, I spent a few more days with the amazing staff. The brief was to get a ‘hero’ style portrait of the carer. Additionally, we aimed to capture the interaction between the carer and customer. This would build a bank of Serenta care company photography that Serenta could use for marketing across their website and social media.

This type of shoot can be really difficult. However, this one was successful for several reasons. The organisation and care by Serenta that went into choosing the customers that wanted to be involved, pairing them up with their normal carers who they have a good established relationship with and giving me time with them outside of their actual calls so it wasn’t rushed. All the people involved were just fantastic and I met a lot of characters that made me smile. My favourite is the sofa shot where eventually they just couldn’t look at each other without falling about laughing.
It was a real insight and privilege to be part of this caring world for a short time. I was really impressed by the kindness, friendship and close bonds that were in abundance and of course the Yorkshire banter and humour! Hats off to all the carers, they do an amazing job!