Total Jobs – office lifestyle photography

Here is a good example of an office lifestyle photoshoot combined with profile portraits. SMRS asked me to do a two day commercial photoshoot for Total Jobs, who are the UK’s largest hiring platform, and help people to find jobs in all industries.  This photoshoot was to create content for Total Jobs recruitment part of the website and for social media.  Total Jobs is a really positive and friendly place to work and the images needed to reflect that in order to attract more talent.  Lots of volunteers were pre organised and took part in the office lifestyle shots.  They brought several different tops with them so we could make sure people co-ordinated in the group shots and there was a make up artist making sure everyone was camera ready and not too shiny.  A recce had been done a few weeks earlier by the art director from SMRS to pin point good locations and areas and a permit also had to be organised so that we could shoot outside on the streets of London.  London can be a tricky place to shoot outside with numerous different councils who all supply permits for their areas.  Getting the train and tube with all of my equipment and an overnight bag is always a challenge and a bit of a stress but it’s better than the craziness of driving into Central London and at least I get to chill and read a good book on the journey.
I was working in tandem with Videographers ‘Thunder & Lightning’ who were capturing footage to use for the same purposes.  I frequently work with videographers and enjoy the company.  We always try to work with each other but far enough apart so we don’t get in each other’s way.  This type of photoshoot is always fun and jam packed, moving from scenario to scenario around the building.  I have to ensure people feel relaxed enough to be natural whilst giving lots of direction to make sure I get what I need.  I also need to keep an eye on props and backgrounds to make sure everything looks good and works well.