Corporate Editorial style Portraits

Editorial style corporate portraits:

I love doing these shoots.

Often a director, or owner of a company, needs a selection of interesting portraits that can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, the ‘about me’ page, social media, blogs, news articles and magazine articles.

As you can see from the examples I’ve worked with people in all sorts of businesses. I really do enjoy this type of shoot.

We can use your workplace to create story-telling portraits that show or hint at what you do, who you are or what you stand for.

The local environment is also something we can use. These include buildings, green areas, city, country views or walls. It’s amazing what you can find on your doorstep.

Depending on your needs we can work to create several different looks.

A venue could be hired or borrowed. It could be someone else’s office or house if you don’t consider your own to be ‘photogenic’ enough! I shoot in bars and hotels (which often have amazing interior design) and people’s own homes.

If you are often featured in the media, commissioning your own shoot means you will have full control over these images. You get to choose the ones you like and they can also be retouched to get rid of any blemishes. This might be appealing if you’ve been photographed by press photographers who only have about 10 minutes to get their shot, be it flattering or not. If you have great looking shots that you can hand out to the media they are more likely to feature you, which will only raise your profile. I’ve been shooting for magazines for 20 years and I have a real insight into what they look for.

These shoots can feature just one person or a number of individuals from your business.

We can also spend more time doing a head shot on a plain background. Lighting ideally suited to you and more time spent to make you feel relaxed and come across well.

Corporate Group Shots

From professional to playful, convey how you want your team to come across with a group photo session.

Headshots – City, Nature or Office background

In this section we will look at headshots with an office background or a city or exterior background. You can see some examples here. We can use exterior locations or we can use parts of your office or workplace, working with a combination of natural light and mobile studio lights.

Headshots – Plain Backgrounds

In this section we will look at the simple and straightforward headshots on a plain background. This type of headshot is a favourite for many small, medium and large companies for many reasons:

Reportage style headshots

Here are a few examples of headshots with a reportage style which you might prefer for your company. Usually people are not looking at the camera for these shots. The advantages of this style is that they are more relaxed…