I’ve been shooting for the charity DEBRA for about 3 years now. DEBRA is a charity set up to help people with EB (epidermolysis bullosa).

EB is a group of genetic skin conditions which cause the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch. This condition can affect people in many ways, some very mildly, but in others it is so severe that it is life limiting and causes an enormous amount of pain and suffering.

DEBRA first got in touch to commission me to photograph Riley, a boy with EB in Huddersfield. I didn’t recognise the term EB so immediately googled it and was instantly reminded of the documentary ‘The boy whose skin fell off’ which I had watched many years ago in 2004. The documentary was about Jonny Kennedy and had made an enormous impact on me at the time and so I offered to do the shoot for free. I continue to try and support the charity by offering them a full day of photography for free each year.

In 2017 I travelled down to central London to work for DEBRA for a special media day where several people with EB came along with their families to be photographed, interviewed and filmed. They were all keen to tell their stories and be part of the Fight EB campaign. My brief was to photograph people both inside and outside, alone and with their family. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and I had a jam-packed, fast paced and creative day. The location was fantastic – our venue was Westminster and I had so much to go on outside. I never ran out of ideas, there were so many different types of buildings and locations on the doorstep. It was also surprisingly quiet for central London.

On another occasion in 2017 I photographed the late James Dunn at his home near Liverpool. James was being photographed because he was launching and heading the FightEB campaign for a year. I went over to Liverpool to photograph him and his family, along with a video crew who were doing the interviews. The James I met was a strong, brave, kind and enthusiastic young man with a great sense of humour and a loving family.  He didn’t have an easy life because of the Epidermolysis Bullosa. A fellow photographer, he used his skills and his personality to raise money and awareness to help the charity fund medical research.  He very sadly passed away in April 2018 aged 24.

Here is a link to James’ Instagram and website where you can see his wonderful images,  and a link to a film about James made by Tommy Reynolds and videographer Michael. James was helped to be able to take photographs again by the BBC Big Life Fix designer, Jude Pullen.

DEBRA also hosts an Annual Members Weekend for people with EB where they organise a weekend of talks featuring the latest research, alongside fun-packed activities for the children and the adults. I’ve covered three of these events and working with the PR team I try to capture images to illustrate the event, but also portraits of people that can be used as case studies to raise awareness of EB and the #FightEB campaign. One of the venues was the DeVere Hotel in Reading, and it worked particularly well because there were murals all over the walls that I could use to make really interesting portraits. At the last meeting, I met and photographed Simon Weston, DEBRA’s current president.

Ebb and Flow Yoga

Mother and daughter team, Jill and Katy contacted me in the midst of setting up a new company called ‘Ebb and Flow’ a studio based yoga and pilates studio.


I’ve been shooting for the charity DEBRA for about 3 years now. DEBRA is a charity set up to help people with EB (epidermolysis bullosa). EB is a group of genetic skin conditions which cause the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch.


I was commissioned by SMRS, a content agency in Manchester, to work on the recruitment campaign called ‘feeling right at home’ for retail giants B&Q. I specialise in photographing people and so this was a job I could really get stuck into.

Balfour Beatty

I was commissioned by SMRS, an employer marketing agency, to photograph a recruitment campaign for Balfour Beatty. I was working with the art director from SMRS, the marketing team from Balfour Beatty…

Betty’s Tea Room

When Candis magazine asked me to go behind the scenes for an editorial photoshoot at Bettys Tea Room, I was thrilled. It’s famous throughout Yorkshire and beyond for delicious cakes and good service.


CollectPlus is a delivery service, mainly used by big fashion brands – making it easy to collect, return and send parcels. I only had a couple of hours with the CollectPlus team and my brief was to…

National Audit Office

I was commissioned by SMRS, a content agency in Manchester, to create the images for The National Audit Office’s recruitment campaign. The photoshoot was to be over two days, the first at the NAO in central London…

Whiston & St Helen’s Hospital Charity

Sarah from Plum Marketing was working with St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, to develop and launch a new charity. Lots of illustrative feel good photography was needed to help to tell the story…

Roach Bridge Tissues

It’s always a challenge to get up to speed about an industry I’ve previously known very little about. However it really helps to get a good grasp of the different stages before I start taking pictures.

Swinton Insurance

The aim was to photograph the working environment within Swinton Insurance’s offices, capturing the atmosphere and the culture. There were four different locations spread over a two day shoot. All of the locations, Manchester, Preston…

The Window Film Company

I was asked by the owner of ‘The Window Film Company’ in Birmingham to take photographs to illustrate a case study they wanted to use on their website. A team was about to install protective film on the windows of the Holiday Inn…

White Rose Cooperage

I loved meeting and photographing Alistair Simms, the last remaining Master Cooper in England. Alistair makes barrels from scratch and I had been commissioned by Waitrose Weekend Magazine, to photograph the process…


This was a very busy, jam packed commercial photoshoot for Yodel over four days. Content agency SMRS, based in Manchester, undertook extensive research to find the right approach for the photography and filming.