Corporate Photography in Staffordshire

Claire Wood is a CORPORATE photography expert in Staffordshire. She can provide a range of photography services across Staffordshire and the rest of Yorkshire.

Living near Staffordshire, Claire Wood can provide CORPORATE photography at any time you wish, as she is very flexible.

She caters to all types of business in Staffordshire, from small family-owned businesses to big corporations. See her blog some examples of her amazing photography in Staffordshire.

If you are based in the Staffordshire area and have any photography queries, give Claire Wood Photography a call and she will set up an appointment for your business.

Below is an example of Claire Wood’s CORPORATE photography in Staffordshire.

“This corporate photography job was down in Staffordshire for Business Agenda magazine. ¬†This was a challenge in forward planning as we only had Sir Anthony Bamford for about 10 minutes and we needed to get a front cover and a DPS.”

Corporate photographer shoot Stafford