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Emmerdale actress Isabel Hodgins in TV Extra magazine

Isabel-hodgins-emmerdale-tvextra-magaine-manchesterLovely to see my image of Isabel Hodgins from Emmerdale being used in TV Extra magazine.  This was a lovely photoshoot in Double Tree hotel in Leeds.  Andrea Perry-Bevan was the make up artist and Isabel was really easy to work with – very laid back.  There are some more portraits of Isabel from the same shoot on my celebrity portrait page. I also photographed Gaynor Faye on the same day and she can also be found on my site.

Industrial Photography in the North

Power Station Photography!

Just updating my website to include images from an Industrial photography session for EU Skills (Energy and Utility) through The Mill group.  Part of the photography was up in Longannet Power station in Scotland and included some quite restrictive protective clothing! A big boiler suit, steel toe capped boots (one size too big) a hard hat (which kept falling off) ear defenders (it was REALLY loud) safety glasses and big thick gloves.  It was like trying to take photographs while swimming through thick mud!  Quite an experience… Click here for a little look.

Industrial 2


Last Tango in Halifax?

Hurrah for Northern drama!

There has been so much fantastic drama set in the North lately, one of which is ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ by Red Production Company. The love story at the heart of Last Tango was inspired by writer Sally Wainwright’s mother Dorothy. I’m a big fan of the show so I was really pleased when I was asked to go and photograph Dorothy over in Bridlington. I was made very welcome by Dorothy and she really is an inspiring lady with a very moving story. Here is the full story. Or click here to see more editorial portraits.


Femail. Dorothy Walker. Last Tango in Halifax. Shot by Claire Wood on 8/01/15

Back to the 80’s

Stacie Stewart & Tina Malone

I’ve been driving a ‘hire’ car this week whilst my own is being fixed. It’s a 15 year old 4 x 4 and everything is so much more straightforward – hardly any fancy buttons so I actually know what everything does – plus it’s got a tape deck! Out came Yazz, Wet Wet Wet , Bananarama… I’m having so much fun and feeling about 20 years younger!

So I arrived in Sunderland (to the sound of ‘Blame it on the boogie’) to photograph Stacie Stewart, celebrity chef, for an editorial photoshoot. Stacie was lovely and got stuck in, putting the Christmas tree up (Christmas themed shoot). Stacie has done lots of TV work so was very easy to photograph and also has wonderful style. Stacie offered me some of her Beef Jerky – no thanks Stacie – I’m a veggie and even if I wasn’t I think I’d pretend to be – ughh… and I had been hoping for cake 🙁

Later in the week I was over in Liverpool with actress Tina Malone for another magazine shoot. Tina was really good fun and her daughter Flame was adorable. I worked with a great team – make up artist & stylist, Tally Bookbinder and the picture editor, which was a really nice treat.

Click to see more of my celebrity photography 

Some days are sent to try us…

The road to Morecambe!

Last Thursday I was happily driving along to an editorial Christmas shoot with Britain’s biggest family in Morecambe. My car which was jam packed, not only with photographic equipment, but with a Christmas tree, fake presents, boxes of decorations, mince pies, 2 sacks of potatoes (!) the list goes on and on and on… when it decided to break down – aghhh..  Thankfully I wasn’t alone as I had Amy my assistant with me and we managed to get off the motorway. I’ve always wondered what I would do if this happened on the way to a shoot but knowing I had a family of 18 waiting on my arrival I knew I had to make it one way or another. What did I do – I called my dad of course! (closely followed by the AA) As soon as the AA arrived we were off in my dad’s car leaving him to deal with the drive of shame in the tow truck back to Huddersfield.

In hindsight this experience was the calm part of the day in comparison to the chaos of a photoshoot with 16 children! Amy – you were a star, I was so impressed you managed to get that tree up and decorated, with a minimum of 5 small children doing their up most to thwart your efforts.

Click here for my home page.

We left with our sanity barely intact!

An inspiring place

On Monday I had a shoot at The Factory Youth Zone in Harpurhey – Manchester, a building I’ve often driven past and wondered about.  It’s a charity run youth centre for anyone aged 8-21 with this message at it’s heart:

“somewhere to go, something to do, and someone to talk to”

Because this part of Manchester is quite deprived it’s the perfect place for the kids to go and feel wanted and inspired and just hang out.  I was so impressed with the staff and the volunteers as well as the facilities which included, ‘full-size sports hall with 8m high climbing wall, 3G outdoor sports pitch, dance studio, music and media suites, theatre, arts room, boxing gym, fully equipped fitness suite, sensory room, recreational area and cafe’!!

I was there to photograph the Chief Executive for a corporate feature. The brief was to try and capture the essence of her and the charity. I asked lots of the kids to be in the background of the shots and they were all brilliant and took it in their stride.

I really enjoyed this shoot – I just wish I was a teenager again so I could join up!





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Videographer in training

Last Thursday I spent a very informative and enjoyable day ‘back at school’ on a video course with Jason Harry.  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while as I can see that video content on websites is becoming increasingly valuable and attractive.  My aim over the coming months is to become really confident at producing and editing simple video interviews for my clients to use on their web site.  I can’t wait to do day two of the course which will introduce me to the editing process.  Then it will be practise, practise, practise… watch this space.


Welcome to our new website. We will be updating our blog on a regular basis so do come back! See you soon