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March News

Hello everyone – I hope you are all keeping well and managing through this very long lock-down. This time my newsletter is concentrating on one commercial photoshoot from back in February 2020. Back when very few of us were even aware of Covid. Had it been one month later, then this photoshoot would not have happened. The Engine Room, a strategic brand consultancy in West Yorkshire, asked me to create a body of images to illustrate Intercare’s ‘Side by Side’ campaign and new website.

Intercare is a care company that GPs in Sheffield both own and operate. Here are a few of my favourite shots.

March '21 news - commercial photoshoot Yorkshire

commercial photoshoot Yorkshire

I worked with Nathan, the Art Director from The Engine Room, to carefully craft the compositions needed for all aspects of Intercare’s marketing.  The main images needed to be shot landscape and be able to be split into two after receiving a colour treatment in post production. They also needed space for text. Some of the images also needed to work as a square or portrait shape.

editorial photoshoot - March '21 news

commercial photography - March '21 news

Intercare and the Engine Room organised all of the timings and the consent for the shoot which was quite a task! We took care to find customers that were happy and enthusiastic to take part and to photograph them with their usual caregivers. In short, to ensure they have comfortable and familiar relationships for the photoshoot. The timings are logistically tricky as we often have to be able to fit into pre-existing appointments, in addition, to work around tasks that must go forward.

March '21 news - commercial photoshoot

education photographer

Below is one of the ways we use the images. This time in a square format with the side by side strap-lines. And here is a video put together by The Engine Room.

commercial photographer

It was a real insight and privilege to be part of this caring world for a short time. I was really impressed by the kindness, friendship and close bonds that were in abundance. Also, of course, the Yorkshire banter and humour! Hats off to all the carers, they do an amazing job!

Thanks for reading my March ’21 news. Claire x

Recent News

July 24 News

Off to Peterborough, to visit the home of the famous Sergi for a Compare the Market photoshoot with SMRS. The main part of the shoot involved setting up a studio with a white background and photographing our volunteers separately and then interacting with each other to be used in a recruitment campaign.

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June ’24 News

I really enjoyed photographing Christine and her garden for WI Life magazine. She’s a lovely lady who clearly loves her gardening. There were so many fun things to discover like the ‘green lady’ and the signs made out of broken tiles, the birdhouses and the vegetable patch

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May ’24 News

I travelled to Essen in Germany with SMRS for a commercial photoshoot for RWE.  RWE is a multinational energy company that generates and trades electricity across the world.  This photography was all about what makes RWE a great place to work.

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April ’24 News

Firstly, a photoshoot for the NHS to promote wellbeing for their Greater Manchester staff. I worked with Lisa from Pennine Care to illustrate her designs. She brought in medical practitioners that were keen to be involved and we set up a studio with a black background in one of the meeting rooms.

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March ’24

I recently found myself in a Manchester studio surrounded by some of the top scientists in the UK Nuclear industry.  SMRS were driving a campaign to highlight the careers available at the National Nuclear Laboratory. 

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