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November news

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well.  Here is my newsletter looking back six months up to April and starts with a shoot for ‘VIP’, the Pets at Home magazine.  I photographed Michelle Turnbull over in Blackpool for a feature about her business ‘The Barking Bakery’ where she makes healthy amazing looking treats for dogs.  Michelle sent me home laden with her baking which brought a new meaning to the term doggy bag 🙂

June Newsletter

Jumping into June

Hello everyone, here is my very overdue newsletter looking at my work from Autumn last year, starting with a Woman’s Own shoot with Tina Malone.   Tina was great to work with, keeping us on our toes and having us in stitches.  We had a great team –Tally Bookbinder and her assistant doing the make up and styling, the picture editor and writer came up from London and we hired a gorgeous location house in Liverpool.  Tina brought her beautiful daughter Flame with her who was a bundle of joy and kept us entertained all day.


March Newsletter

Spring News


January Newsletter

All about the kids

What a perfect way to while away the afternoon.  Happy New Year everyone!  I thought I’d show you my favourite images from a day I spent at ‘It’s the Little Things’ day nursery last June.  I love photographing kids of this age in their own environments. They get so absorbed in whatever they are doing and after a while they hardly notice you’re there.  read more

November Newsletter

Let’s eat cake

This Newsletter brings me round to last March and April when I’d just returned from maternity leave.  As a chocoholic, I was thrilled that my very first job was to be at Poppy Pickering in Ilkley, a bespoke cake and chocolate shop , for Prima magazine.  Not so bad to be back at work!  Dominique makes the most beautiful wedding cakes I have ever seen and her father makes a wonderful array of perfect little chocolates.

read more

September Newsletter – curry, crime & cats

All change

As autumn rolls around again, I am back to full time availability and looking forward to getting stuck into some new challenges.  I love this time of year, especially seeing the leaves change and also knowing I’ll be able to snuggle back into my woolly jumpers soon.  In case it’s chilly already I thought these shots from a Weight Watchers shoot with Aktar Islam might warm you up. Gorgeous, healthy, colourful comfort food from his restaurant ‘Fiesta del Asado’ in Edgbaston. (more…)

Lions, Handbags and Glamour Models


I generally feel infallible behind the camera! But when Simba the lion roared his deafening roar, shook his majestic mane and then covered me with raw horse meat saliva, I began to feel the reality of the situation!  Diane, who started work as the receptionist for Yorkshire Wildlife Park, now works as a lion keeper and is featured in Fabulous magazines ‘It happened to me’.
Single? – why not book yourself a mini break at Butlins and hope to meet the love of your life.  It worked for Freda and Dennis who are still happy together after 61 years.  Ahhh..  A lovely shoot for S Magazine.
I photographed Emily and her naturally gorgeous baby girl Maddie for Femail.  Emily has controversially announced that she is saving money in case Maddie wants to have cosmetic surgery and follow her into a glamour modelling ‘career’.

Well – who needs a uni fund anyway?!

A fun shoot now with Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye for S Magazine’s ‘Me and my handbag’ feature.  What an excuse to be nosy!  See the full article here.
Hayley Taylor (The Fairy Job Mother) stars in Woman magazine’s weight loss feature.  Hayley was a pleasure to photograph and brought along lots of great outfits to show off her new figure.
Jenny and husband Stephen very sadly lost their middle child Lucas to Spinal Muscular Atrophy at only four months old.  SMA is the leading genetic cause of death in young children and Jenny and Stephen are keen to raise awareness of the condition. Read their story in S Magazine by clicking here.
Lastly, at this BBC shoot Tony Livesy couldn’t bear to be left out of the 5 live bump club pics so joined in sporting his own football baby – bless.

Just to remind you all that I am currently available Wednesdays through to Sundays until September when my availability goes back to normal and I would love to hear from you.




May Newsletter


I’ve been surprisingly busy after my return from maternity leave and it’s been nice to be working again.  It’s reminded me how lucky I am to be doing a job I love, to be visiting amazing and diverse places and meeting really interesting people.

This newsletter takes us back to last April when I had the pleasure to photograph Michelle Hardwick who plays Vanessa in Emmerdale.  Then off to BBC Media City to photograph Becky Meehan on the set of North West Tonight.  It was a real treat to go behind the scenes at the new studios and Becky was very easy to photograph.

Fabulous magazine commissioned me to photograph Lianna for their ‘It happened to me’ feature.  This amazing lady not only owns her own funeral company but also offers grief counselling, cosmetology services and can also conduct the service.
This shoot for Prima very nearly didn’t happen as poor Carmen, on the right, slipped on the ice and broke her foot the day before!  Unable to make it up the stairs to the studio and even unable to stand much at all, daughter Sophie allowed me to turn her kitchen upside down and into a pink studio.  They were proper troopers to carry on!
I received a very warm welcome at BBC Radio Merseyside to renew their presenter portraits and they have got some fantastic characters, Billy Butler, Billy Maher and Frankie Connor being only three of them.  A very enjoyable day.
POP (Partners of Prisoners) is an organisation that helps to provide invaluable support for offenders partners in order to keep families together.  I photographed Debbie who works at POP for Woman magazine to coincide with the new TV series of Prisoners Wives.
Another ‘It happened to me’ shoot for Fabulous magazine featuring Karen Woods who has written over 30 novels.  Her success is made even more amazing because Karen only learnt to read at age 39!

A lovely morning photographing Chelsea Halfpenny from Emmerdale who brought along her eclectic wardrobe for us to route through for this S magazine closet shoot in Leeds.
That’s all for now, the next newsletter will be along in July, have fun in the sunshine.




Back behind the camera


Hello, I’m back!  I’ve really enjoyed my time with my gorgeous baby girl Grace (there is a pic at the bottom of the newsletter – I couldn’t resist!) and I’m now looking forward to getting back behind the camera all refreshed and inspired.  I’ll be available for shoots Wednesdays through to Sunday and I’m also available to talk to on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I’m very excited to launch my new website, please go and have a look.  We have been working on it for over a year and I hope you agree that it’s a big improvement on my old site.  I really hope you like it.  Thank you so much for those who contributed such kind words for my testimonials.

I’ve also got a new logo to freshen things up (courtesy of Kim Hackett) and lots of brand new kit.  My fancy new camera and lens will be ensuring every pixel is perfect!

Jumping way back to last January now and I had the pleasure of photographing Helen Flanagan and her mum Julia for a mothers day special for S Magazine.  I can’t believe Mothers day is nearly upon us again!

A shoot now for BBC Radio Lincolnshire to illustrate their play ‘Dambusters 70: After me, the flood’.  Having a Lancaster bomber for a prop is definitely my idea of fun!  ‘Left a bit, right a bit….what power!”
Some colourful head shots now for ‘Prospect‘ – a Management consultancy based in Manchester.   A great company to work for.
Natalie, photographed for Femail, gave birth to baby Zanthia at home with the help of her midwife and husband.  However she also invited her 5 children to watch, plus her neighbours, plus a TV crew filming ‘Nursing the Nation’!  She wants to reassure prospective mums-to-be that home births are nothing to be scared of.  I must have subconsciously decided to be one of Natalie’s followers as when Grace was (rather surprisingly!) born at home, I managed to squeeze a husband, 2 grandparents, 3 ambulance men and a midwife into our small bathroom.  I drew the line at a film crew though.
Howard, founder of ‘Rayburn Trading’ balanced magnificently on eight palettes so that I could get just the right angle for a corporate shoot for Business Agenda magazine.  It is certainly a challenge trying to make a warehouse full of plastic clad products look interesting.  At least Howard is interesting!
This is a man who certainly knows his buns!  Asda ‘s Bakery Specialist Mark Oliver was a pleasure to photograph and now, after photographing every part of the process, I too am a hot cross bun expert!

For Woman’s Own,I photographed Sarah, who is a reformed alcoholic.  Not only has she turned her own life around she now helps other women conquer their addiction and runs the Harrogate Sanctuary.  A very inspiring lady.
And not forgetting my little angel. She’s what my friend terms ‘an easy beamer!’

Bye for now.



Summer Newsletter


The last few months have been a busy time for work and I’ve had some really interesting jobs.  For starters I photographed “The Dambusters 70: After me, the Flood” for BBC Lincolnshire.  I can’t wait to show you those pics – the actors were dressed up in original uniforms and we even had a  Lancaster bomber to play with.  I shot several features on dementia to coincide with ‘Dementia Awareness week’.  A cosmotologist! (bet you don’t know what one of those is – I didn’t!).  Two very glamorous Emmerdale actresses and the fabulous Fairy Jobmother.

Jumping back to November, we start with a shoot for S Magazine for their ‘In the Closet’ feature.  Jessica Fox, star of Hollyoaks (Nancy), brought her wonderfully quirky selection of clothes along to our swanky ‘gold themed’ apartment in Liverpool.  Tally Bookbinder (make up artist) did a fab job as usual and we all enjoyed the day.

This fantastic location was a welcome surprise to Tally and myself when we photographed Ilona Burton for Marie Claire.  Ilona, who suffered from anorexia for many years, has gone on to write an inspirational book entitled ‘Anorexia: The Essential Guide’.   Using her own invaluable experience she hopes to help others who are suffering from anorexia and those who are trying to support them to reach a deeper understanding of the illness.

A very happy shoot now, for Reveal Magazine, with Sonya and her partner Wayne.  Sonya was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and underwent treatment until 2010.  Thinking she would be unable to conceive, Sonya was thrilled to find out she is expecting her first baby.

Lock up your husbands!  A shoot for Femail now about ‘Stolen Husbands’.  Nicola talked about how she had an affair with an older married man with whom she went on to marry.  She also talks about the guilt she still feels towards his ex wife and their children.

I had a peak into Fred Done’s world when I photographed him for RBS’s Business Agenda magazine.  Fred owns ‘BetFred’ which is the worlds largest owner-operated bookmakers.

He was a pleasure to photograph and made sure I got the full tour too!  So many people being paid to watch sport!

Another ‘In the closet’ shoot now with Alex Fletcher from Hollyoaks.  Alex, who brought lots of lovely glamorous outfits for us to choose from,  was very easy to work with.  We were all wow-ed when we walked into the  amazing and bazaar Vault apartment (you’ve got to have a look at this youtube video).  A very different place to stay if you happen to be visiting Liverpool with 30 friends!  I can only imagine what goes on there!!

’10 things I love about Cancer’ for Femail.  I was intrigued to meet Laura Price who is undergoing treatment for breast Cancer.  She has an amazingly brave, positive, inspiring and very witty approach to dealing with her situation.  Check out Laura’s blog here.  After working as a financial journalist around the world and then using her languages degree working for Facebook she says Cancer has given her the opportunity to follow her dreams and is about to start an MA in Magazine Journalism.  I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from Laura in the future.

Ah – now this was a fun shoot.  My job was to follow Liz Jones around whilst she was pruned, plucked and pampered at the newly opened Harvey Nichols, Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool.  Nails, eyelashes, non surgical face lift, wax, spray tan (yes I followed Liz in there too!), hair and make up!   I felt very un-glamorous in comparison, however one of the hair stylists did take pity on me and gave me a free ultra stylish blow dry, which looked great until I stepped outside!

Speak to you soon and enjoy the Summer.  Claire xxx