Hello to all my lovely clients.  I hope you managed to enjoy the Easter break despite the arctic weather conditions.  It’s been so snowy here in Yorkshire that my little boy kept asking when Santa was coming.

Back in September I enjoyed meeting and photographing Gaynor Faye for S Magazine’s ‘In the Closet with’ feature.  Gaynor was really good fun to work with and even volunteered to do acrobatics!

I was very interested to photograph Julie Bailey for Femail.  After Julie’s mother (Bella) died at Stafford Hospital in appalling circumstances, she began to head a campaign group called ‘Cure the NHS’ which aims to make the NHS a safer and more caring environment.  The campaign, which she runs from her cafe, has taken over 5 years of her life yet she remains strong and determined – an amazing woman.

On a lighter note, I photographed Karen for Woman’s Own.  Karen is a self confessed serial mistress!  You’ve got to admire her – it takes guts to admit it!
She was actually lovely and we had a very relaxed shoot.

‘Facebook turned me into a stalker’!  With that title – I was intrigued to meet and photograph Nicola Alexander for Woman magazine.  Nicola has written her first novel entitled ‘Past present future’ a Facebook based thriller. 

A fun, quick shoot now for BBC Radio Leeds to promote ‘Clare Teal’s Big Band’.  Old news now I’m afraid, but at the time, Clare held auditions and found 18 musicians with a variety of ages, backgrounds and experience to perform in a Children in Need concert at Leeds Town Hall back in November. The atmosphere at rehearsals was contagious – great music and so much enthusiasm.

It may look like a lovely day here – but believe me – it was freezing!  However my brave and cold model Jemma didn’t let it show.  This shoot was for More magazine and Jemma was part of a feature entitled ‘My New life starts here’.  Jemma skipped uni, went straight into the workforce and started earning money as a newly qualified accountant.

I didn’t have to go far to photograph Huddersfield’s Kate Hardcastle for Woman magazine.  Kate overcame bullying to achieve success.  It’s difficult to sum up what Kate does, as she does so much!  Click here for a glimpse.

Ah – this was a fun shoot for Femail entitled ‘Secret Spenders’
Not so secret now though!

Another ‘In the closet with’ shoot for S Magazine to end on, this time with Emmerdale’s Isabel Hodgins. A real pleasure to photograph.

Bye for now, hope you enjoyed the newsletter.  The next one will be in June.
Take care.
Claire x