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July 13 News

The last few months have been a busy time for work and I’ve had some really interesting jobs. For starters I photographed “The Dambusters 70: After me, the Flood” for BBC Lincolnshire. I can’t wait to show you those pics – the actors were dressed up in original uniforms and we even had a Lancaster bomber to play with. I shot several features on dementia to coincide with ‘Dementia Awareness week’.

A cosmetologist! (bet you don’t know what one of those is: I didn’t!). Two very glamorous Emmerdale actresses and the fabulous Fairy Jobmother.

Jumping back to November, we start with a shoot for S Magazine for their ‘In the Closet’ feature.  Jessica Fox, star of Hollyoaks (Nancy), brought her wonderfully quirky selection of clothes along to our swanky ‘gold themed’ apartment in Liverpool. Tally Bookbinder (makeup artist) did a fab job as usual and we all enjoyed the day.

This fantastic location was a welcome surprise to Tally and me when we photographed Ilona Burton for Marie Claire.  Ilona, who suffered from anorexia for many years, has gone on to write an inspirational book entitled ‘Anorexia: The Essential Guide’.

Using her own invaluable experience she hopes to help others who are suffering from anorexia and those who are trying to support them to reach a deeper understanding of the illness.

A very happy shoot now, for Reveal Magazine, with Sonya and her partner Wayne. Sonya was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and underwent treatment until 2010.

Thinking she would be unable to conceive, Sonya was thrilled to find out she is expecting her first baby.

Lock up your husbands!  A shoot for Femail now about ‘Stolen Husbands’.  Nicola talked about how she had an affair with an older married man with whom she went on to marry.

She also talks about the guilt she still feels towards his ex-wife and their children.

I had a peak into Fred Done’s world when I photographed him for RBS’s Business Agenda magazine. Fred owns ‘BetFred’ which is the worlds largest owner-operated bookmakers.

He was a pleasure to photograph and made sure I got the full tour too!  So many people being paid to watch sport!

Another ‘In the closet’ shoot now with Alex Fletcher from Hollyoaks. Alex, who brought lots of lovely glamorous outfits for us to choose from, was very easy to work with.

We were all wow-ed when we walked into the amazing and bazaar Vault apartment (you’ve got to have a look at this youtube video). A very different place to stay if you happen to be visiting Liverpool with 30 friends! I can only imagine what goes on there!!

’10 things I love about Cancer’ for Femail.  I was intrigued to meet Laura Price who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  She has an amazingly brave, positive, inspiring and very witty approach to dealing with her situation.  Check out Laura’s blog, The Big Scary C Word, for more.

After working as a financial journalist around the world and then using her languages degree working for Facebook she says Cancer has given her the opportunity to follow her dreams and is about to start an MA in Magazine Journalism. I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from Laura in the future.

Ah – now this was a fun shoot.  My job was to follow Liz Jones around whilst she was pruned, plucked and pampered at the newly opened Harvey Nichols, Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool.  Nails, eyelashes, non-surgical facelift, wax, spray tan (yes I followed Liz in there too!), hair and makeup!

I felt very un-glamorous in comparison. However, one of the hairstylists did take pity on me and gave me a free ultra-stylish blow dry, which looked great until I stepped outside!
Speak to you soon and enjoy the Summer.

Claire xxx

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