June Newsletter


Hello from sunny Portugal!  Yes, by the time you get this I shall be on holiday enjoying better weather and winding down in that hammock.  (Well in reality I’ll be caked in sun factor 50 chasing round after my 3 year old, but I can dream..)
I’ve had a lovely busy June photographing surgeons, bakers, hormonal women and X factor producers (I had a little audition while I was there – rude not to).
So by rights, I should now be taking you back to what happened in December, however I was soooo quiet

(get the violins out please), there’s not much to talk about.  As with most freelance professions it took only one quiet week before I was tormenting myself with alternative careers – Open a dogs home? Bad teacher? Prime Minister??  Fortunately Britain was saved as the phones eventually began to ring again.Anyway, I decided to raid the database and bring you a glimpse into my old student projects, plus a few of the ‘more interesting couples’ I’ve photographed over the years.  Here we go:

What was I thinking?  I have no idea.  It was the 90’s!  Loo roll was all the rage (or was that just me?).

My sanity returned and I decided to embark on a much more sensible project – to photograph and make a life size print of every object in my room, replace the object with the photograph and then photograph the room.
Yes – much more sensible.

I dare not show you my Alanis Morissette ‘10,000 spoon tribute’ for fear of being carted off – so on to proper paid work.  Here are the couples:

The fun loving Jen and Jim and their not so secret shoe fetish. The shoe fetish didn’t shock me but I was a little surprised by their choice of wall decor!  Blimey – more than I wanted to see..

Nina and Dave.  Nina, as you can clearly see, suffers form a cleaning addiction but doesn’t let it get her down.  Boyfriend Dave is bravely sticking by her.

Angela and Tony.  The internet is a great dating tool – how else would you find the love of your life who also happens to like dressing up as a trekkie in the living room?

Ghost hunters Jackie and Scott.  I wonder if they’re still waiting???

That’s enough for now, hope you’ve enjoyed the pics and it’s given you a bit of a giggle.
Claire x