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September 12 News

Yey – I’ve got a cover – It’s so exciting!  Back in March, I went down to Staffordshire to photograph Sir Anthony Bamford who is the Chairman of JCB. I had great fun getting the brand new digger into just the right spot (don’t worry I wasn’t driving) and prayed the light would hold out for the arrival of the main man. Luckily it did and we managed to shoot a front cover and a double page spread in about 14 minutes – phew!
editorial magazine photography

On to a much more relaxed shoot now with twin sisters, Joanne and Angela for Woman magazine. The shoot was about one sister’s struggle with infertility and how she loves spending time with her twin’s children.
magazine photography

This shoot was so much fun. Local company Cutting Technologies (a laser cutting company) commissioned me to shoot a humorous group shot that shows off their skills. It was a tricky set up but I think it works well.
company photoshoot

At the start of this shoot for Lancashire County Cricket Club with design agency True North, I felt a tad vulnerable with balls flying everywhere at 90mph, however I soon relaxed and realised these guys more than know what they are doing.
sports photography shoot

This amazing lady, for Woman Magazine, not only lost a significant amount of weight and then became a fitness instructor in order to change other people’s lives for the better, but also did this shoot with a shoulder injury. Deborah bravely removed her sling and gently jogged up and down the park. Fame is not easy!
fitness instructor photoshoot

Up to Berwick upon Tweed for a ‘lovely summer beach shoot’ for Prima magazine about a lady who is bringing up her sister’s children because she suffers from depression and felt unable to cope as a single parent. As with all the stories I cover, the real situation is very different to how you assume it will be. This family are all very close and the set up seems to work really well. I hadn’t bargained on the fog though – visibility was down to about 3 metres  – what a nightmare! Instead of lovely ‘summer’ beach shots we had to make do with various very close range options. It was freezing!
magazine photo shoot

Bye for now. Speak to you in October. Claire x

Recent News

July 24 News

Off to Peterborough, to visit the home of the famous Sergi for a Compare the Market photoshoot with SMRS. The main part of the shoot involved setting up a studio with a white background and photographing our volunteers separately and then interacting with each other to be used in a recruitment campaign.

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June ’24 News

I really enjoyed photographing Christine and her garden for WI Life magazine. She’s a lovely lady who clearly loves her gardening. There were so many fun things to discover like the ‘green lady’ and the signs made out of broken tiles, the birdhouses and the vegetable patch

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May ’24 News

I travelled to Essen in Germany with SMRS for a commercial photoshoot for RWE.  RWE is a multinational energy company that generates and trades electricity across the world.  This photography was all about what makes RWE a great place to work.

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April ’24 News

Firstly, a photoshoot for the NHS to promote wellbeing for their Greater Manchester staff. I worked with Lisa from Pennine Care to illustrate her designs. She brought in medical practitioners that were keen to be involved and we set up a studio with a black background in one of the meeting rooms.

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March ’24

I recently found myself in a Manchester studio surrounded by some of the top scientists in the UK Nuclear industry.  SMRS were driving a campaign to highlight the careers available at the National Nuclear Laboratory. 

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