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August 12 News

My feet haven’t touched the ground this August. I’ve been wonderfully busy with work, two hen dos and a wet weekend in Southport. There were some lovely jobs, photographing Fiz from Corrie, eight-month-old triplets, a donkey and a child genius [not at the same time (now that would be interesting!)]

Back in February, Tally and I met the talented Thelma Madine for Woman magazine. Thelma was in the middle of filming her new series ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Challenge.’ As soon as we arrived we were surrounded by girls wanting makeup tips and a film crew running around filming arguments. We had a great time.
August '12 news - magazine photoshootIt was a pleasure to photograph Alexandra Singer for Glamour magazine, who has overcome adversity, to write the very well-received novel ‘Tea at the Grand Tazi.’

Alexandra spent three months in a coma, suffered memory loss and has had to spend months fighting total paralysis after an attack of the auto-immune disease, cerebral lupus.
editorial portrait photography shoot

Another very inspiring story for Woman magazine.  Sue donated one of her kidneys to a stranger.  I don’t think you can get much more altruistic than that.  What an amazing thing to do.
magazine photography shoot

On a much more lighthearted note, I photographed Hazel Davis’ bottom for her feature on curvaceous derrieres for Femail. My mission was to make Hazels’ bottom look as big as possible. Here is one of the outtakes! This has to be one of the more bizarre shoots I’ve done.
Femail photography shoot

Ahh, far more sophisticated now.  Tea, biscuits and a shoot in the grounds of a very grand old house.

Growing magazine commissioned me to photograph John Ravenscroft who established one of the largest garden centres in the world – Bridgemere.
magazine photography

I photographed Louise for Fabulous magazine who, after losing her job, suffered from depression and OCD.  Louise is back on track now, but it’s not hard to understand how losing your job can impact on all areas of your life.
Louise Noble for Fabulous magazine

Robbie Savage was reluctantly persuaded to pull his ‘blue steel’ face for me (even though he claimed not to have a clue what I was talking about and made me show him how to do it!).  Good job I’d done my research – learn more here about the Blue Steel pose, if you fancy a go.

I think he pulls it off well though? Photographed for ‘Fabulous does a blow dry with Robbie Savage.’
Robbie Savage gets a blow dry

That’s it for now in my August ’12 news. By the skin of my teeth, I’ve just managed to get this out on the last day of August.  I’ll be more organised next month – honest.

Enjoy September. Cx

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I travelled to Essen in Germany with SMRS for a commercial photoshoot for RWE.  RWE is a multinational energy company that generates and trades electricity across the world.  This photography was all about what makes RWE a great place to work.

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April ’24 News

Firstly, a photoshoot for the NHS to promote wellbeing for their Greater Manchester staff. I worked with Lisa from Pennine Care to illustrate her designs. She brought in medical practitioners that were keen to be involved and we set up a studio with a black background in one of the meeting rooms.

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November 23

We start with one of my regular visits to Stockport Grammar School.  I love working with Charlotte from the communications team, to build up their promotional photography, she is always super organised and good company.  It’s a really lovely school and the children are always keen to be involved.

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